...this is Rafaela and Alex from Cologne, Germany. In 2017 they founded the acoustic duo “Way2Radiant” and have been booked for various events all over Germany (and beyond) playing cover music. When working on their debut album “November Nights” (a compilation of evening songs and rock/pop ballads) in 2020, they wrote their first song as a duo, also titled “November Nights”.
Originally recorded as an acoustic version, "November Nights (Radio Version)" was released as a full band version soon after that and found favor with their audience as it met the pulse of the time.
Due to this success the musicians decided to concentrate more on writing their own songs and providing more space to their creativity.
Thus, they created 12 new songs in English, which can generally be assigned to the genre Country Pop, but further influences can also be found.
In cooperation with Studio 39 all songs are being released this year as singles and EPs. They are all full band versions and go way beyond the original acoustic duo. What remains is their own style; it is Rafaela’s emotional voice, at times fragile, at others strong and dynamic and Alex’s guitar playing perfectly going in line with that as well as their harmonic voices precisely fitting into their arrangements, which characterize the sound of Way2Radiant.